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Hurlford Horse Vanilla Conditioner 500ml

Hurlford Horse Vanilla Conditioner 500ml

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A luxurious conditioner that gives a softness and shine to manes , tails and coats.

Avoid using on saddle area of ridden horses as it may cause the saddle to slip 


1) Use Coat Conditioner with warm water and massage into animals mane, tail or coat.
2) Rinse with warm water.
3) When dry, brush out when dry for extra shine.
4) Use sparingly as this is a concentrated product.

Store in original container. Do not mix with other chemicals. Rinse container when finished, recycle where possible.
Keep out of reach of children

May be slightly irritating to eyes.
May be harmful if ingested.
Contains low levels of Bronopol antibacterial ingredients.

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