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HSE Beyond White Cover Cream

HSE Beyond White Cover Cream

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 Concentrated full coverage cream
♦ Moisturising & sun protection

♦ Non-flaking, non-greasy
♦ Long lasting
♦ Brilliant White

Beyond White Cover Cream is a full coverage whitening cream for socks, stockings and white markings.  This gorgeous silky cream is highly moisturising for delicate pink skin with pharma grade mineral powders, it offers excellent sun protection and spreads on like a dream.  When you need your whites to really POP, Beyond White is for you.

Our non-greasy, non-flaking (no chalky ‘snow’ ring on those perfect black hooves) formula can be applied on damp hair, or on dry hair with either a damp sponge or brush, blend through evenly and allow to dry.  Once dry, you can leave as is or for longer hairs, brush over gently to give you a natural looking finish.  Beyond White is very concentrated, so a little goes a long way and it lasts all day.


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