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HSE Glass Professional Coat Laminator 250ml

HSE Glass Professional Coat Laminator 250ml

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Incredible shine
Dust & Dirt repellent
Non-whitening, non-flaking, non-irritant
Use on wet or dry coats
Concentrated & value for money


Glass Professional Coat Laminator is a dry oil, Ultra Shine coat spray delivering a ‘glass’ like finish for the ultimate show ring shine.  Powered by natural Macadamia oil with our premium shine polymer blend technology, it also contains conditioners & UV filters to protect the hair from breakage, split ends & environmental damage.

Glass Pro is unique, based on luxury salon shine mists, it is a highly concentrated product, does not contain water, greasy mineral oil, butane/propane propellants or any fillers, and as such a little goes a very long way!  A 500ml bottle of Glass Pro contains at least 3 times the amount of shine ingredients than aerosol spray cans, and much more again than water based sprays, making it long lasting & fantastic value for money.

Glass Pro Coat Laminator does not flake or whiten on the coat, does not react with any other products and is incredibly dust repellent.  It is compatible with all HSE products, it can be used over the entire body including mane & tail on dry or wet coats, and finishes with a soft powder like feel.

Performance tested under extreme conditions, Glass Pro is head and shoulders above the pack for shine, conditioning and keeping the coat DUST & DIRT FREE.  500ml bottle packaged with a horse friendly trigger misting spray.

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