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Duwell Broad Spectrum Toxin Binder

Duwell Broad Spectrum Toxin Binder

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An effective and unique combination of specifically patented enzymes and biological components that converts mycotoxins into non-toxic, environmentally-safe metabolites.

 Helps support and build gut integrity, works actively at all levels of digestion to optimize gut function, elevate over-all immune activity in the intestines and build body defense response 

Symptoms of Mycotoxicty:

Spooking, shying, ill thrift, excessive sweating and itchiness, girthyness, staggering or stilted movement, excessively reactive to noise

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20gm per day.

Typical weights

Horses 14.3hh - 16.2hh 450kg - 650kg

Ponies 13hh - 14.2hh 300kg - 450kg

Ingredients per 20g

Natural clay and whole yeast products registered by ACVM for use in NZ
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