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Benchmark Balancer 20kg

Benchmark Balancer 20kg

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Benchmark Balancer Mash®

A concentrated nutritional formula packed with essential nutrients and amino acids but without the carbohydrates - served as a convenient mash.

What is a Genuine Balancer?

Balancers or concentrates are a very useful nutritional tool that can make a valuable contribution to your horse’s diet. A balancer contains a concentrated amount of nutrition in a small daily dose. Genuine balancers contain high levels of essential amino acids, (the building blocks of protein) vitamins and minerals and importantly contain no grains or grain by-products.

Benchmark Balancer Mash® can be fed alone (with the addition of fibre) or it can be fed in conjunction with Benchmark Super Fibre Mash, grains or a high fat energy source.

The applications for Benchmark Balancer Mash® are numerous and include:

All horses who react to feeds high in starch and sugar.

Horses at risk of, or suffering from laminitis, cushings, IR, PSSM or EMS.

Horses on box rest or recovering from injury, illness, or surgery.

Horses requiring more topline or muscle mass.

To supplement horses grazing limited or poor-quality pasture.

Horses prone to weight gain that require a low dose, low carb concentrate.

Growing youngstock that require a ration high in protein but low in starch and sugar.


Soy hulls, canola meal, lupins, Benchmark’s Vitamin, Mineral and Amino acid premix, cold pressed canola oil, limestone, lysine, di-calcium phosphate, magnesium oxide, salt, Agrimos® Prebiotic and Yea-Sacc® Probiotic.

How to prepare Benchmark Balancer Mash® for your horse:By volume

To 1-part Balancer Mash® add 1-1.5 parts cold or warm water. Soak for 5 mins before feeding.

Vary the amount of water to achieve your preferred mash consistency.

Benchmark Balancer Mash® Pellets can be fed either as a mash or dry.

Benchmark Balancer Mash® should be introduced gradually over 7-14 days to allow your horse’s gut enzymes to adjust to the new feed.

Feeding Rates and Directions (kg/day)

Benchmark Balancer Mash® Bodyweight(kg)

300 400 500

Idle/Paddock Rest/Spelling horses 400g 500g 750g

Light to Medium Work 500g 750g 1kg

Horses Recovering from Illness, Injury or Surgery 500g 750g 1kg

Horses Requiring Topline or Muscle Mass* 300g 400g 500g

Foals 6-12 Months** 400g 500g 750g

Weanlings/Yearlings** 500g 750g 1kg

Broodmares - Early-Stage Pregnancy 500g 700g 900g

Broodmares - Late-Stage Pregnancy 600g 800g 1kg

Lactating Mares 700g 900g 1.25kg

Stallions at Stud 750g 1kg 1.25kg

20kg Bag

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