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Hurlford Navy Leather Riding Gloves Adults

Hurlford Navy Leather Riding Gloves Adults

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Hurlford Navy Leather Riding Gloves Adults

Hurlford Elite Adults Navy Leather Show and Equestrian Riding Gloves

Simply the most beautiful soft nappa leather show and equestrian riding gloves.
Fabulous fit with a bit of extra length in the cuff to tuck nicely under the jacket cuff.

Hurlford Elite adults navy leather gloves are well suited to many equestrian disciplines, show riding, dressage, saddle hunter and for in hand showing.

Adults Sizes       7.0        8.0            9.0    

Across Palm    7cm         9cm   

These are super soft fine leather gloves and when putting on require a little bit of care.

please gently pull your gloves on from the sides not the middle ( see photo) in a side to side movement.

If your hands are hot place a little bit of talcum powder in gloves to assist with them sliding on.

Please take care not to grab with long finger nails


We hope you love your new Hurlford Gloves



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