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  • Promectin Plus LV Wormer Foxwood Equestrian
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Foxwood Equestrian

Promectin Plus LV Wormer

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Easy to administer
Promectin PLUS LV is easy to administer discreetly in the side of the horse’s mouth (between the front and back
teeth where the bit sits). No need to reach the back of the tongue like traditional wormers, or risk losing the
worming tube in the horse’s mouth.
Promectin PLUS LV’s low volume and smooth texture makes it difficult for the horse to spit out, meaning one less
chance of falling victim to a worming paste shower.
Small but powerful
Promectin PLUS LV Horse might be small, but it sure is mighty. One single dose treats foals & ponies
150 kg – 300 kg or horses 300 kg – 600 kg (no need to weigh the horse for accurate dosing)
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