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Benchmark Super Fibre Mash 20kg

Benchmark Super Fibre Mash 20kg

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Benchmark Superfibre Mash® is a tasty fibre source that has much to offer for all horses and ponies. The benefits of superfibres in soy hulls has been harnessed and digestive support improved with the addition of pre and pro-biotics and Melofeed™, a natural source of antioxidant. Importantly, a special mineral premix has been included to balance iron, copper & zinc ratios to ensure Benchmark Super Fibre Mash® is a safe and balanced addition to any equine diet. Being low in sugars and starch, Benchmark Super Fibre Mash® is safe for the laminitic and EMS horse and pony.

Benchmark Superfibre Mash™ is primarily a fibre source and does not provide a full array of vitamins, minerals or amino acids. For best results use in conjunction with a complete Benchmark ration such as Benchmark Perfect Mash®, Cool AZ®, Invest®, Achieve®- Sport or Golden Oldies®.

What’s so great about Super fibres?

Apart from water, fibre is the most important component of a horse’s natural diet. Fibre is digested by fermentation in the horse’s hind gut or caecum, unlocking energy rich volatile fatty acids.

The digestion of fibre sources such as pasture, hay and chaff are about 40-60% efficient, meaning that about 40- 60% of all fibre is either not digested, or only partially digested and ultimately passes as waste in the horse’s manure.

By comparison, super fibres such as the soy hulls in Benchmark Super Fibre Mash® are about 75-80% digestible, meaning that much less is passed as waste and importantly more nutritional benefit is gained from each kg of super fibres fed. Super fibres also stimulate fermentation, helping to protect the delicate microbiota (micro flora) balance in the hind gut.

How to prepare Perfect Mash for your horse?

By volume
To 1-part Perfect Mash add 2-3 parts cold or warm water. Soak for 5-10mins before feeding.

Or by weight
To every 500gs of Perfect Mash add 1 -1.5 litres of cold or warm water. Soak as above.

Perfect Mash should be introduced gradually over 7-14 days to allow your horse’s gut enzymes to adjust to the new feed.


20kg Bag

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Made in NZ under licence for Benchmark Australia

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