Lets Talk Showing- Makeup

Lets Talk Showing- Makeup

Horses makeup is really personal preference, some people like the high gloss pop out look, others prefer the more subtle look.

The look you go for can also depend on the breed or colour you are showing.

Clear makeup: This is often used on native breeds to give a little shine and enhance around the eyes and the muzzle without being obvious that the horse is wearing makeup, also great for those that are a little nervous about using makeup.

Black Matt With Clear Gloss: this is an in-between look , apply black matt makeup first then your clear gloss over top to give a silky sheen affect  

High Gloss Black: Used when you want to really give definition and "pop" to the horses eyes and muzzle , can be used on it's own or if you want a really dramatic look use a matt black base first and then apply you black gloss over the top.

A couple of warnings:

Don't use a straight oil (baby Oil ect) on horses eyes and muzzle as in the heat it can burn and blister, please use a proper horse makeup that has been designed specifically for horses.

Practice at home and If you are unsure of using a black makeup go for a clear. If you use Black remember to blend, put it on and then wipe some off, less is more.

I have added a photo of 6 horses wearing makeup can you tell me which is Clear, which is Black Matt with Clear , which is High Gloss Black and is there any wearing no makeup ?????

Go to our facebook page and comment on the photo, First to get it will win a Hurlford Cap and Socks :) 

Happy showing


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