Lets Talk Showing- Gloves

Lets Talk Showing- Gloves

To wear or not to wear that is the question, we all know you have to wear gloves for dressage but is it compulsory for showing ? short answer is no, the question is but should you ?

I have never been a fan of wearing gloves at any time but I do feel that gloves in showing finishes off the outfit, next question is which gloves, there is so many styles on the market it is hard to choose.

Firstly I would look for a glove that is not to chunky, preferably a leather glove although there are some nice leather and mesh gloves on the market.

Secondly colour, this is  a tricky one, do you go with ones that match your jacket so the movement of your hands doesn't show or do you match your boots  or your saddlery ?

I personally like to see navy gloves with navy jackets , Black gloves with black jackets and brown gloves in saddle hunter unless the tweed has a blue base then I would probably look at navy.

Feel free to pop a question or comment below 

Happy Showing

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