Lets Talk Showing- Colour

Lets Talk Showing- Colour

How important is colour ??? My mother always said "A good horse is never a bad colour" and to a certain extent that is true but we can always enhance what we have to work with, a darker horse always looks more impressive in the ring than a washed out, clipped or faded horse and they shine up more when you put product on.

Now right about here I would like to put a disclaimer in : I in no way advocate changing a horses colour , eg bay to black, chestnut to black ect. I do believe in bringing a horse back to it's natural colour or maybe a shade or two darker.

The photo to the left is all the same horse, bottom photo shows his normal colour the other one he has been colour enhanced.

There are a few ways to do this

1. Feed,- feeding sunflower seeds, flax seeds, copra and the like will help deepen the colour but maybe not give it the depth you are after.

2. Condies crystal's- be very carful using this as it can very easily burn your horse, always do a test spot first ( somewhere hidden) before you proceed  make sure you cover any white with conditioner or a barrier cream as you will end up with pink socks

3. Colour Shampoo- personally I have never seen any colour shampoos that change or enhance a horses colour.

4. Dye- Again be very carful about what dye you use especially if you choose to use a human dye as it may react with your horse, make sure you have enough + extra to cover any parts you have missed. My personal preference is to buy a dye specifically designed for horses, you are then getting the right quantity and less likely hood of it reacting, Like all dyes always do a test spot somewhere hidden to check the horses reaction before you apply fully.

Would love to hear everyone's thought or questions, drop a comment below.

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